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‘Youtube adds a “Play in 3D” option across its site’

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TechCrunch article by Sarah Perez

For months, Youtube employees have been beta testing the conversion of 2D videos into 3D. Finally, the tool has been released that allows users to upload and watch videos in 3D.

When filmmakers create 3D movies, they shoot two videos and once and combine them to make the 3D effect. Youtube, however, is bringing these flat videos to life by capturing color, movement, estimation of depth, etc. The creators use those aspects to make a 3D effect.

Youtube hopes that viewing these clips in 3D will be the next big thing. What they obviously haven’t taken into consideration is that not everyone has a pair of 3D glasses lying around. Without those, the video is pointless and causes the viewer to be dizzy.

Movie theaters shouldn’t be surprised when their “return 3D glasses bins” aren’t as full at the end of the day.

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