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‘Educator suspended when she refused to show her Facebook profile’

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Mashable article by The Daily Dot

This topic is a hot commodity with the government today. More and more employers are asking prospective employees for their passwords to their Facebooks upon interviewing.

One of the recent cases is of a teacher in Michigan, Kimberly Hester. Hester was suspected of posting a picture of a co-worker to the site that was flagged as inappropriate by one of the students’ parents.

After the complaint came through, Hester was asked by the school to release her password and information for her Facebook. Hester refused numerous times and was then fired from the school.

The House of Representatives has refused the idea of banning employers from asking for this information. However, many senators are drafting other legislation to put the same law into effect.

Whether you’re on the side of “if you’ve got nothing to hide, it shouldn’t matter,” or the side of “releasing that information is an invasion of privacy,” something needs to be done about it soon. This refusal or acceptance is putting a lot of people in awkward situations.

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