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Adobe Photoshop II Workshop

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This workshop was an extension of the Photoshop workshop that I took earlier in the week. I was somewhat discouraged when I walked in because we began working on things that we had done in the first lesson.

Beneficially, we elaborated much more on the techniques that we learned the class before. There were a lot of repeated lessons, but they allowed me to gain extra practice with the program.

In the first class we moved shells from the surrounding areas into a plate. We focused on the selection tools and some of the other basic techniques. In this class, we used many more ways of selecting items.

This particular class teacher was much slower and more precise (which was probably good). The unfortunate part about it was that I didn’t learn much that I hadn’t already known.

However, I did increase my knowledge of layers, different effects, and different tools. Overall, it was good for me to take both of these classes because they will help me in my future career; not to mention it will look good on my resume to be familiar with the program.

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