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Briggs Chapter 10

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JournalismNext by Mark Briggs

In this chapter, Briggs discusses the pros and cons with news as a conversation. First order of business, he dives into the idea of comment boxes on news stories.

He makes the point that people have always commented on stories in their free time, but that the technological comment boxed has caused much more controversy than expected.

People often take advantage of their opportunity to get their opinion out into the public. They say what they want, even if it is hurtful or blatantly mean. This means that it takes more employees and more time to monitor these comments to make sure nothing offensive stays up.

On the other hand, one of the important pros of news as a conversation is that things are now spread more quickly through word of mouth. This includes blog posts, buzz, microblogging, and much more.

All of these ways of communicating the news are important because it takes us less time to find out what is going on in the world. We no longer have to wait a day until the paper arrives on our doorstep.

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