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‘How YouTube Fights Copyright Infringement’

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by Christina Warren

Youtube has always struggled with the copyright controversy. In 2007, the company developed a system called Content ID. The system goes through uploaded videos and uses audio fingerprinting to detect copyrighted material.

The existing systems were not advanced enough to keep up with all of the uploaded videos. The new technologies give artists the opportunity to see what of theirs has been uploaded. Once found, the artists are notified.

The owners of the material then have three options:
Block — This means that if a content match is found, the video will not be viewable.

Track — The video can stay online, but the content owner will be able to track how many views it receives and from where.

Monetize — Rights holders can choose to serve ads on the content and they will receive revenue from those ads.”

These options take the responsibility out of the hands of Youtube. The artists can decide what actions to take.

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