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‘My iPad, My Babysitter: U.S. Kids Are Already Heavy Tablet Users [STUDY]’

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Mashable Article by Zoe Fox

This article is particularly interested to me because I have recently been noticing how many children are using Tablets and iPads. Case and point: my two year old niece plays Cut the Rope on my step-father’s iPad. She’s better than me. She sits on the couch next to his desk and flips through youtube videos. When she’s no longer interested, she minimizes the screen and does something else.

This makes me think that either my niece is a baby genius (which I’m sure isn’t far from the truth) or society is really developing. She can’t even use the toilet successfully yet, but she can use the iPad like she invented it. These companies must be doing something right.

I’ve noticed that commercials for these specific products lately have involved children. The advertisers seem to be targeting the parental audience, suggesting that these products can entertain and teach their children.

Fox asks her readers if they think that these devices are helping or hindering the education of children.

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